Sacred Corn Prayer

Prayer to Sacred Corn Mother

Sacred Corn Mother carry me

into a place of fertility.

May the seeds in my hand

be a blessing to all the land.

Sacred planting, Spirit dear

my words and intentions clearly hear.

I dedicate this planting to

all beings so they may live free and true.

Spirit grow the roots strong and deep

for future generations knowledge I keep.

Blossom fruits hardy and lush

from the cradle of Earth’s soil and my touch.

This was written as was shared with me by Spirit back in 2015.  When I grow my corn I always share this prayer with it prior to planting. Reach out if you are interested in buying corn for ceremonial use.

Evolving Consciousness as a Human Right

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” So begins the United Nations document The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Twenty two years ago I was faced with sexual slavery for the first time.  It was on a water testing trip with my high school to the Amazon basin and we were passed on the river by barges heading to supply the people looking for gold.  One of the supplies that barges carried were girls my age.  I was 14 at the time and that event made an impression on me.  One of my goals in life would become to create a world in which slavery couldn’t couldn’t exist. (Not to mention the practice of dumping mercury into the water to retrieve gold isn’t the best idea for the environment.)

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Called to Council

Receiving the call to Tulum rang strongly in my being.  What resonated was the request to come for a Vision Council or perhaps it was the unwritten call to the fibers of my being.  Frankly, the location could have been a slum for all I knew.  That being said it was mid-winter in New England and most places to the South would be a dream to visit that time of year.  The greatest draw was the council’s purpose of progressing and “holding the vision of creating a gathering where elders, teachers and lineage holders from around the world come may together to share and integrate wisdom.”  From the point of receiving that first email from Paititi my soul’s song grew louder and more beautiful as our council to discuss what has come to be known Weaving Wisdoms drew closer.

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Women & Spirit in Business

Triskele Circle

During my studies at Goddard College they encouraged us to spend time looking at who we were.  During that time I felt that I became more deeply connected with my spiritual side, beginning to live it as my life more and more every day.

Years later I find myself continually drawn to increasing my connection with my own spirituality and  making sure that this has a front and center place with the work that I am doing.  It is important to me that my work increases my connection with my spirituality and that my spirituality brings to my work benefits as well.

It was as this connection deepened that the conversation around forming Women & Spirit in Business began with Karen Ribeiro, Shalini Bahl, and Val Nelson while sitting around a table at Essalon Cafe in Hadley.  Continue reading “Women & Spirit in Business”

Meditation & Business

One of the ways I’ve brought my spirituality to work is through meditation.  Not only a technique for connecting with the self at a fundamental level, this calming, grounding activity is also a helpful way to start meetings, get centered before brainstorming a new project, and just about anything you’d like to do well.

There are many spiritual paths that teach a form of meditation.  Choose one and see how it works for you. The most important aspect is giving the brain the time to reset so that your thoughts can be more clear.

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In crisis? Remember Your Roots.

I’ve been thinking about the cycle of the year as the leaves begin to show beautiful colors and drift languidly to the ground.  On one level trees appear to be dying.  We know they aren’t because this cycle happens every year in the Northeast. First, the trees change color, then they lose their leaves, and by Winter’s commencement they stand stark as skeletons against the cold and the snow.

But, we also know that every Spring trees bud, sending out new chartreuse leaves to capture the light and grow fully green again. Continue reading “In crisis? Remember Your Roots.”

Never Stop Writing

I’ll never stop writing.

I think about the times that I’ve spent writing in my life – papers, research, and creative.

I remember the time in second grade. We’d just moved to upstate New York. Really, it was a mere hour and a half from the city, but everyone referred to it as upstate. The story, though, is that I was sick from school on a much anticipated day. It was the day that everyone let go of their balloons. The goal I’m guessing was to follow the wind patterns and see where that balloons went, but for us it was just fun. And it was on that day that I got stuck at home sick. Feeling awful and trying to go in to school was not something to be done lightly.  And this day I really wanted to go. I was excited, but sadly my body said NO! So I stayed home and upon arrival at school the following day, found that someone had released my balloon for me. Continue reading “Never Stop Writing”

Hitting the Reset Button

Having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day like Alexander?  The first thing you need to do is recognize that the plan aren’t isn’t going the way you’d hoped.  Maybe the meeting stalled, maybe collaborators started being more gruff than helpful.  Next thing, Stop everything.  Take a minute to yourself to think about whether or not you want to see the project or work progress.

Don’t get down though, it is possible to turn a bad day into a good one.  To make a meeting where fighting is happening into one in which a lot gets accomplished.  Press the reset button so to speak.  So, if you are banging your head against the wall and nothing is changing, take a minute to determine if you can get past the hump.  Don’t forget that is also alright too to put something aside, since sometimes the best move is to walk away, but first try one of these… Continue reading “Hitting the Reset Button”

Checking in with the Ego

So yesterday I sat with this ball of rage and anger within me. It had been living in my sprained foot, slowing my healing and making itself very known every time that I tried to address my own healing.

But yesterday the ball rose up into my being and screamed for release. I wanted to yell. I wanted to throw things. I felt hot.

There was a lot that I hadn’t been saying or allowing myself to feel in there. I’ve kept going, kept meditating in the hopes that those feelings would release. But what I’ve come to is that since they were felt in the ego state I have to deal with them in the same space. No matter how Zen I become, how perfectly relaxed into my current state of being, I need to feel and acknowledge those emotions and address them to really let them go. Continue reading “Checking in with the Ego”