I’ve Got the Election Purples

The apparent binary division of our political system is evident in the red and blue swaths that typically appear on the election maps. (Anger and sadness?)  But have you seen there are also maps showing shades of purple arising out of the dust of the very recently over election?  People are starting to actively acknowledge, as evidenced by this idea’s birth as a widely spread meme, that the binary does not exist.  We are not divided, just arranged on a spectrum of beliefs.  (Of course with this being said the spectrum is not linear at all – but for the sake of simple understanding let’s go with it.)

Purple Map 2012
2012 Election Purple Map

With the closeness of this year’s presidential election I heard an outpouring of emotion connected with being on the ‘right’ side and wanting to win.  Some threatened moving to another country if their candidate didn’t win, an idea that Jet Blue turned into a marketing idea. Others sank into fear and despair at a projected future that in all likelihood will not happen. Continue reading “I’ve Got the Election Purples”