Open Access Week: Editing Wikipedia

I invited by Madeliene Charney to join in on an event at UMASS Amherst to celebrate Open Access Week by bringing together members of the community to edit Wikipedia.  The community was editing and writing articled related to the #NoDAPL protests going on at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.  Being as I’ve just recently returned from the site I elected to use my knowledge to aid in the effort. Continue reading “Open Access Week: Editing Wikipedia”

New Moon Circle

Under the tree circle and altar space with no one present
Our circle

The Eagle’s Nest might be in a place where it is not yet ready to have large gathering, but we’ve (Indira, Anastacia, and Kirsten) been feeling out whether it is feasible to create a retreat center further down in the Valley in the meantime and as an additional space.  As ideas are being tossed around one of the desires that came up was to host the North Fork Valley’s monthly New Moon gathering in order to being to bring that intention to light. Continue reading “New Moon Circle”

The Renewable Energy behind Solarfest; Its Volunteers

Pulling attendees from all over New England, Solarfest is an amazing venue to listen to great music, make purchases from eco-minded vendors, and learn from a great workshop series which offers something for everyone from children and beginners on sustainability and renewable energy to more advanced topics for seasoned veterans. This year was my second time in attendance and my first as a volunteer at this particular event.

Some of the reasons I decided to help out include a friend who was also volunteering, for the cost of my volunteer t-shit I had a weekend pass and free camping, big events always need more help and I was in a position to offer this, and I was going to be running a workshop so it already felt like I was already committed to giving my time.

Over the course of the weekend I still had plenty of time to catch the music I wanted to listen to, including a great band that featured a bagpipe and a lot of great dancing music, only I got a chance to meet some new people who ended up being a lot of fun to hang out with. The experience was enriching overall, in part because I felt more intimately connected to the festival and what was going on there. Continue reading “The Renewable Energy behind Solarfest; Its Volunteers”

Heading to Haiti

I’m leaving for Haiti early Monday morning and I am so excited that I am bouncing off the walls!  OK, so, I am not literally bouncing off the walls, I’m just giddy with anticipation.

Well, yes.  I’m heading down to volunteer in any way that I can, and while at it I hope to bring stories of what its like back for people to understand a little better what is going on there, how a country can be made a little more sustainable, and how to restore peace post-disaster.  I expect that while I have a lot of practical knowledge and an MA in Socially Responsible Business and Sustainable Communities from Goddard College I’ll be learning much myself on this trip.

I’m packing right now and the interior of my room is an explosion of outdoor gear, clothing, and donation items.  My conversation with Amurtel further helped me to realize that this is not a typical trip, and my packing list will be drastically different: for instance, I need to bring my own accommodations (a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag.)  I guess it’s a good thing that I’m an outdoorsy person and have some of what I need.  But I will need to pick up some fun things like a super lightweight sleeping bag (its in the upper 90’s), (lots of) mosquito repellent, and a small solar charger.  Darn it! <– sarcasm

Some of what I’m bringing for donation:

  • some barely worn t-shirts with me that I had been trying to decide how to re-cycle
  • four freecycled tents and some rope *there are still families living under sheets and the rainy season is about to begin*

I’ve registered with the US Embassy in Haiti, wrapped up (most of) the loose ends with work, set up bill payments (thank God for online banking) and put everyone on notice that I’ll be leaving.

Any support to the success of this trip is welcomed, whether it is financial, prayers, compassionate thoughts, information, connections, equipment, et cetera.  I’ve already managed to engage the interest in a serious investor; the Jersey City-based fourth grade class of Ms. Litman is sending along $350 for the children of Haiti.

I need to go now because I should stop vibrating with excitement and get to everything that needs to be done before I leave.

Oh and on a final note I won’t post here until I return so please check the blog specific to my volunteer time in Haiti if you are interested in more.