Sustainable Public Transit in the Valley

Topic: Creating a Sustainable Public Transit System
October ’12 Greenwork Roundtable

With four speakers and a topic I consider important I was surprised at the low attendance for this event.  Especially when I frequently hear complaints about how challenging it is to ride the bus in the Pioneer Valley and get to where you are going easily.  Because of this I’m going to share just a little about what went on.

It is not that the buses are bad; I’ve found them to be clean and the drivers pleasant.  I think the greatest challenge for me is the schedule which makes it so that I have to head home by 6:30PM – there goes taking the bus to any of my evening networking events.  The schedule also only gives me one bus per hour.  For others is can be great when the college students are around and challenging when they are gone because of reduced buses.

Here’s a brief overview in case you now wish you’d gone. Continue reading “Sustainable Public Transit in the Valley”

Eastern States Exposition: The Big E

Last year my first year at the BIG E and since I could not muster up the desire to attend again this year, it might just be my last unless some changes are made.

The Big E is an awesome opportunity to reach out and share some of what is truly special about New England.  Music, arts, goods grown and made here, could all be featured in such a way to generate revenue, and encourage additional tourism and ‘local holidays.’ Continue reading “Eastern States Exposition: The Big E”