The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I went out to the mailbox yesterday and tucked in with the immediately to be recycled junk mail was a hand addressed letter.  I opened it wondering what I might find and it was a real letter.  This full page missive from my uncle in Florida was a wonderful treat and had me smiling the rest of the day.

I like to write letters, but don’t do so very often now.  I did more when I was younger; my grandparents and other family would send letters periodically and then there were also friends who lived far away with whom I could correspond.  Also, as I remember it, Pen Pals were all the rage in the 80’s.  I know I had at least one Pen Pal in school and I think one that I found on my own.  My connection with them was short lived, however, and I doubt if a single letter remains in my memory box as a reminder.   Continue reading “The Lost Art of Letter Writing”

Never Stop Writing

I’ll never stop writing.

I think about the times that I’ve spent writing in my life – papers, research, and creative.

I remember the time in second grade. We’d just moved to upstate New York. Really, it was a mere hour and a half from the city, but everyone referred to it as upstate. The story, though, is that I was sick from school on a much anticipated day. It was the day that everyone let go of their balloons. The goal I’m guessing was to follow the wind patterns and see where that balloons went, but for us it was just fun. And it was on that day that I got stuck at home sick. Feeling awful and trying to go in to school was not something to be done lightly.  And this day I really wanted to go. I was excited, but sadly my body said NO! So I stayed home and upon arrival at school the following day, found that someone had released my balloon for me. Continue reading “Never Stop Writing”