No news is good news. Wait. Why is that?

Ever heard the phrase no news is good news?  This phrase to me makes it seem like the only news should be negative.  Well I don’t think so and neither does

Your Olive Branch is immersing itself into the information and communications realm as a portal of positive news at the intersection of peace and sustainability.  It is great because it effectively hits on the needs of so many who are dis-illusioned with the current offerings while providing a much needed nectar for those seeking nourishment for their soul. Continue reading “No news is good news. Wait. Why is that?”

SVN Spring Conference: Haiti Onward

Clothing drying on the line at a Haitian CampThe most emotionally charged session that I attended during the Spring SVN member gathering at Skamania Lodge was Haiti Onward.  In part, this was because the rawness of the earthquake and its aftermath, and in part because of my experience volunteering for several weeks with AMURTEL had me feeling connected deeply to the stories that were shared.  The session touched upon several organizations that are working on revitialization and the rebuilding effort and offered the SVN community the opportunity to be inspired to participate in that effort.  Following are a few brief pictures of what was heard during the session. Continue reading “SVN Spring Conference: Haiti Onward”