About Common Cents

Common Cents was designed as the Master-level applied learning project of Create Better Impact Games founder, Kirsten Bonanza.  Kirsten was challenged by wanting to spread the word of why ‘Buying Local’ matters and wondering about the most effective method.  She realized that while she could stand up and share the findings of The Andersonville Study, a groundbreaking local living economies study from Chicago, IL, most anyone listening would be more bored by the numbers than motivated to make a drastic change in their daily habits.  Since experience is one of the most powerful behavior modifiers, she used her background in experiential education, facilitating, and teaching to develop Common Cents.

Common Cents has been playtested at the BALLE National Conference, Colby Sawyer College, and Goddard College to name a few.

This facilitated hour and a half long playshop* is aimed at the general community and can be played with high school students, in university business or environment classrooms, or with local community stakeholders.

*A playshop is a workshop that uses play, fun or games.  It is also called a simulation.

Common Cents has been playtested extensively.  It is currently available for facilitation with Kirsten.  If you are interested in using the prototype while we await publishing, or partnering on its publication please contact Kirsten (at) CreateBetterImpact (dot) com.