How to Play


This game is about making decisions based on the Resource card you’ve drawn.  While based mostly on reality over time technology will change and creativity will allow for different options.  Definitely let us know if you come up with uses that we haven’t.  We’ll add them to the options if it is something that you are able to do in your home without industrial equipment and if the option is available to at least half the country.

What are you going to do with it? The central question of Waste Not this is also going to decide how many points you get.  Here is some information about what each of your options means.  Hopefully they’ll be able to help you make the most sustainable choice!

There is no Away so even when you ‘get rid’ of things they still have to go somewhere and the materials used in making them can not easily be recovered. Zero (0) Points

A great way to re-integrate used materials into the a new product stream. It does however take energy to collect, transport, melt down, and remake the raw materials into something new and so is not the most energy efficient choice. One (1) Point.

Some materials are hazardous and need to be disposed of in a very specific manner otherwise they are potentially dangerous to you, the environment, and the water supply. Two (2) Points.

Depending on the type of composting you do at home, in your town, or at the office composting is a great way to return vital nutrients to the soil, keeping them out of landfills, and helping to make our food more nutritious. Three (3) Points

What better way to re-use something in a creative fashion than to make it into something more valuable than its current form?! Whether it is for art or for function Upcycling can be a lot of fun. Three (3) Points

This process takes no energy! Come up with at least one idea for re-use of the resource. Four (4) Points.

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If you are in need of the most up to date rules for your deck of Waste Not cards please contact us.  The most recent version of those rules is dated 4/16/2013.