Play Waste Not on Social Media

Social Media Gaming done differently

As a fun, social, free way to play Waste Not we’re taking this game to the next level.  A few days before Indiegogo Campaign we’re going to start using Twitter and Facebook to let you play the game with daily posts.  During the campaign play will be daily.  Like this cool innovation?  Why not kick a few bucks in to the Indiegogo effort, we’ll even happily accept contributions directly to our Paypal account.

Basically you get to play the game using social media that you are already on and other people can chime in too! For free you get to be a part of raising awareness about how to best use our Resources and spread the word about this fun and educational game. 

Points are determined as follows:
Trash – Zero points
Recycle – 1 point
Hazardous Waste – 2 points
Upcycle – 3 points
Re-Use – 4 points
Compost – 4 points
Re-Design – 5 points
To learn more about what these Actions mean check out this page.

Play on Twitter

First follow @WasteNotGame

Then starting 2/13/13 and every day during the Indiegogo Campaign and on Wednesdays after it @WasteNotGame will post a new item like this
Newspaper #wastenot

You reply to the post and tell us what you would do with it like this:
@WasteNotGame Newspaper #wastenot Re-Use I’d use it to line my hamster cage 3 points!


Play on Facebook

Head on over and ‘like’ Waste Not on Facebook.  While you’re at it ‘like’ Create Better Impact Games as well.

Every day starting on 2/13/13 Waste Not will post a status update listing an item like this –
Today you get a newspaper, after you read it what are you going to do with it?

You share the post to your wall and respond:
I’d Re-Use  it to line my hamster cage for 3 points!

Your Incentive

I’ll pick one lucky winner from both Twitter and Facebook to receive a FREE copy of the card game.