Games in Development

Here are some of the collaboratively competitive games that we are developing…

1)'{Suburban} Renewville’ A game about rebuilding the community.  Use different methods of governance while fighting the natural deteriorating effects of time. Being tested!

2)  ‘SustainaBuild’ is a board game which engages the idea of renewable and non renewable resources.

3) ‘B^3 | Build a Better Business’ is a card game that plays with the idea of socially responsible business. Tackle the task of making the world a better place by running the best business possible.  With great triple bottom line strategies you can really take your game to the next level! Ready to playtest!

4) A board game based on permaculture ideas.  Figure out how to plant your space for maximum benefit in terms of yield, soil health, space use, and biodiversity.

There are more that we’ve begun contemplating on topics such as Organic Food, Food Systems, Travel/Transportation, Community, etc.  The goal of these games is not only to provide simple and playable understandings.