Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing.

Do you hate writing?
I don’t.  I love it.

Logic states then that you should then hire me to do your writing for you.


I write, crafting words with the skill of a magician.  On a practical level I mainly work with businesses, most often taking on clients for regular outreach writing in the form of blogs, social media posts, articles, newsletters, web content, marketing collateral, press releases…  I’m also often engaged for project based writing around events, crowdfunding campaigns, and product or service launches.  I’m likely to be the person that you call when you need something written and it feels too hard.  Or you simply don’t want to do it. 

Costs are dependent on desired content as well as frequency and length of engagement but the general range is $100/hr with a 2 hour minimum charged for open ended projects and/ or anywhere from $300-$1000 for a piece.  Complexity matters.  How easily accessible you are matters.  All sorts of things matter.

Just contact me: it is easier that way.

I’m primarily looking to work with clients who are passionate about their work and in making this world we live a better place.  I am writing to give YOU a voice!


I’m happy to read over materials for consistency of message and to comb over the little details.  Most people are incapable of editing their own work.  Don’t be the person who sends out something that only one person has reviewed.

I am absolutely available to travel, but with the expectation that expenses are on top of my regular rates.  In fact, being that I love to travel I challenge you to send me somewhere I’ve never been in order to give your amazing endeavor the attention it deserves.


Primarily in English, however work can be done in French.  I can functionally, at varying levels, also speak and write bits of German, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, Sandskrit, Quetchua, etc.  Yup that’s an et cetera as in there are more.  But my range in them is such that I probably can’t help you write anything beyond a children’s book, so not worth getting into.  You disagree?  Ok, then add on Hatian Creole, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Swahili, Sinhala, and Pali.  I also have several translators that I can work with should that be necessary.


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